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July 30, 2021

Dear CYBL Community,

We will be recapping the month of activity on this site going forward at the end of each month.  As you know, our DNA is to disclose only what is necessary, but we are more open than in the recent past and believe this level of information is important while we are still reclaiming OTC Market Pink Current status. 

July was a busy month by all measures.  Here’s a quick recap: 

- We reduce our Authorized Share level from the current 20 billion share level to 8.75 billion, a 56% reduction. This provides enough strategic equity to achieve our growth plans while protecting shareholders from any unnecessary dilution. 

- We instituted a “No Reverse Split Policy”, preventing CYBL from a reverse stock split for up to 5 years, and we confirmed our support of shareholders with measures like this No Reverse Split Policy whenever possible.

- We reported that the OS balance of 5.1B included 700M phantom restricted shares that were confirmed lost in 2018 and will never be tradeable, so the Effective OS level improves the equity valuation for shareholders by 16%.

- We set out our growth plans including expanding across government agencies, targeting specific commercial markets, driving growth in South America and expanding our technology IP, with the following priorities:

1. OTC Pink Current ASAP
2. Build the Org-Key Hires 3Q
3. Contracts-Pipeline 3Q/4Q
4. Acquisition-Priorities 3Q
5. Products 3Q/4Q
6.  S. America-Pipeline 3Q/4Q
7.  Strategic IP 4Q

- We confirmed that we have full OTCIQ access for the filings and the OTC approval process. We began uploading filings as committed and as they are approved. Per the OTCM requirements, the 2020 annual & the Q1 2021 reports are uploading next. We will be in good standing then and expect OTCM Pink Current soon after. 

- We provided a business update that the first acquisition transaction was moving forward as expected and we expect an August close and announcement. We are also bullish on the next acquisition discussions we’re having.

We would like to thank the CYBL team for their diligent, hard work in preparing the OTCM filings, for the first time in a number of years, and we also appreciate the effort required to prepare the associated investor relations information.  

August is shaping up to be another exciting month. We'll share more as prudent.

June 25, 2021

Dear CYBL Community,

In recent weeks, we have been contacted by numerous shareholders regarding the ongoing status of the OTC Markets filings. As we stated last month, we have been working through the OTC Markets process and will bring the Company in line with OTC Market requirements well before the SEC requirement of September 28, 2021, when the amendments to Rule 15c2-11 go into effect. We understand the critical nature of returning the Company to current status, and we do appreciate the level of concern and desire to help from our great shareholder base. From a Company perspective, OTC Markets and SEC compliance is the priority, followed closely by the new business pipeline and the strategic direction of the Company.

There has been a good bit of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) in the market regarding the exact timing  required for SEC compliance and the OTC Market process. OTC Markets set June 30, 2021 as the date for companies to have their OTC Markets application process complete. This is not the date for the compliance process to be finished, but rather the last date of the applications that OTC Markets expects to complete compliance prior to the September 28, 2021 SEC requirement. Our application was submitted in May as reference. Here is a link to the OTC Markets information:

Again to reiterate, the Company is focused on returning to OTC Markets compliance and we anticipate this being completed in August at the latest.

Lastly, we have compiled a list of common CYBL shareholder questions and have provided the best possible information in response:

1. Does Cyberlux have existing business/sales operations or is there a plan to reinstate any other company into CYBL? 

CYBL has business and manufacturing operations in the Durham, NC area and Virginia, a manufacturing in the northern Virginia area and a South American business office in Bogotá, Colombia. Our growth plans include both U.S. agencies, targeted commercial markets and additional international opportunities.

2. Does Cyberlux have any existing employees & revenues? We understand that the details can only be shared via the OTC 8K/10Q filings but would like to know if the company is still in business.

As you are aware, we operate in ‘dark gray mode’ but we will disclose the relevant business and financial details as required to ensure the Company is compliant with its disclosures.

3. Does the Company plan to set up social media accounts and inform the shareholders via social media platform (Twitter is the most active in the OTC Markets community of shareholders/investors)?

Yes, we will become as active on social media platforms as is prudent, to balance the need for shareholder updates with our inherent DNA to operate in stealth.

4. Does the company believe that they can bring a strong value to the shareholders by sharing the new company updates, positive information and showing consistent growth in 2021 and beyond?

Yes, as we operate going forward in full OTC Markets compliance, our growth execution plans are designed to bring diversified, consistent growth to our shareholders over the next 5-year operational horizon.

5. Does the company intend to add any more shares in the existing Float or cause more dilution in the Float? Is the old toxic debt the company had a few years ago resolved?

Recently, the Company issued 600 million Strategic Restricted Shares to accelerate growth with strategic partnerships and joint ventures, targeted acquisitions, and specific international growth opportunities.  This recent Strategic Restricted Share increase is for strategic business purposes, both government-related and international opportunities, and will fuel the Company growth plans going forward.  We do not anticipate any further dilution unless there is a very unique opportunity to greatly accelerate shareholder returns.

The Company’s toxic financing deals have been resolved and there are no outstanding issues.  In fact, there have been no new shares issued since 2014 prior to the Strategic Restricted Shares issuance in May 2021. We have verified with our Transfer Agent that the current outstanding shares are 5,081,275,578. This reflects the recent 600 million Strategic Restricted Share issuance. 

In fact, in the coming months, we expect to reduce the share authorization level down from the 20,000,000,000 level it is now, which is an artifact from the original debt financing of over 16 years ago.  We will say more about this as the time comes.

6. Is there any plan for a Reverse Stock Split in the near future?

No, we do not anticipate a Reverse Split. We respect our shareholder base and expect to grow the business with their support, and in turn we intend to support our shareholders.

7. Where does the company see itself in the next 18 to 24 months down the line?

Our growth plans include expansion across government agencies, targeted commercial markets and expansion internationally. At our core, Cyberlux is a renewable energy product company with advanced battery-powered illumination system products, so we intend to expand our technology accordingly. Already we have a presence in South America with several renewable energy projects and expect these to be the catalyst for future directional growth as well.

8. When can does Cyberlux expect to provide updates on the Company’s progress?

Going forward we will post any non-confidential information on progress/milestones once a month and then have post-earnings updates after the quarterly filings. Please note that we will not reveal any U.S. Agency initiatives or contracts until appropriate, and we will always withhold any potentially sensitive information.

May 18, 2021

Dear CYBL Community,

We recognize that information from the Company has been limited and we intend to post updates of any important information that can be disclosed, as possible, on this site.  Because of the nature of our business, we must be overly cautious with what we say and when we say it. When the Company first started shipping systems to the Department of Defense, we issued a press release for our shareholders about the event and this information, of course, went to our competitors as well.  Unfortunately, the Company lost its stealth edge and subsequently lost a significant new contract as a result.  It was a hard lesson but one the Company has not forgotten.  Nonetheless, the Company has heard from a number of shareholders and will post information when it is prudent.

We can report that we are working to bring the Company in line with OTC Market requirements. This has been an understandable concern, but compliance and new business are the two major areas of focus for the company right now.

Last year, 2020, was certainly a challenging year for everyone and Cyberlux was no different.  In general, DOD initiatives and priorities changed dramatically, as you can imagine.  The Company is beginning to see signs that normal procurement will be back in order.  In addition, the American Recovery Plan Act of 2021 has made incremental budget money available to our customers which represents a significant near-term opportunity.  Again, the Company will share what is prudent to disclose, at the proper time.

Company Overview

Cyberlux Corporation (CYBL), founded in 2000, is an Advanced Lighting Technology company providing unique solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD), Commercial channels and Design Services customers

Since 2006, Cyberlux has provided leading-edge, battle-tested lighting solutions to the U.S. Air Force, National Guard, Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and the U.S. Army.  As the Company's primary channel, Cyberlux supplies the DoD with light-weight, portable battery-powered advanced LED lighting systems for special operators, forward-base operations, security and maintenance lighting.

After early consumer product trials, the Company has focused on DoD lighting technology and serving the Military, First Responder and related Commercial markets, primarily with the BrightEye Tactical Lighting System products.

Our Mission is to be the trusted provider of advanced lighting solutions to Commercial, Government and Military organizations worldwide.

Opportunity Summary

Significant Needs for Advanced Lighting Technology:

             - Broad DoD Deployment in Special Operations & Readiness Programs
             - Facility Operations, Maintenance and Construction Management
             - Specialty Aviation and Counter-Drug Operations
             - Contingency and Logistics Operations
             - Significant Growth Opportunity
Technology & Systems in Deployment:

U.S. Air Force
             - National Guard
             - U.S. Army
             - Defense Logistics Agency / SOCOM / FORSCOM
             - FAA           

LED Technology offers Significant Advantages over Currently Deployed Lighting Technology:           

       - Increased Performance & Durability
             - Greater Energy-efficiency
             - Battery Operation and Solar Power