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  • Super-Bright White LED Light System
  • Outdoor Tested.  Rain Ready.  Rugged Aluminum Tubing
  • Easy-to-use Tri-Pod Interconnect
  • Brightness/Power Consumption Control
  • Beam Range from 6° to 120°
  • Ball Head Mount for 360° Pan 150° Tilt.
  • Fuel Gauge Interface Displays Run Time Remaining
  • Lightweight Tri-Pod Adjustable Stand: 2.2 ft – 5.7 ft  ----->   
  • 2CD1802 System Includes
    • Tri-Pod & Light Head System
    • Self-Contained Backpack Carrying Cases 
    • Li-Ion Battery System & Charger
  • 8-40 hour run time
  • Optional Fold Away Handle
  • Light Level adjustable
  • Quickly and Easily Setup for Emergency Response
  • Total System Weight:  11 lb

The patented design of the WhiteEye Portable Light System was created for First Responder and Emergency Support Teams. The system was developed  as a military-grade system with portable, faster setup for emergency response and man-portable area lighting.

With a setup time of less than 1 minute, emergency personnel can illuminate an entire emergency scene with a single WhiteEye system.  The bag, tripod, and light head only weigh 11lb! 

The WhiteEye integrates a military-grade Li-Ion power pack that keeps the system charged for overnight operations and  any extended system  performance required. In addition, after six months of storage, the system will retain  over 75% of it’s initial charge - perfect for emergency response situations.

The Fuel Gauge technology takes into account the current charge state of the battery pack and calculates the remaining run time. This enables the user to set the light level based on the amount of time required to complete the task at hand. Additional power packs available to extend run time. 

Carrying case w/tripod & light head 11lbs

WhiteEye X Portable Area Lighting System