Complete Dual Head System fits into rugged wheeled case for immediate emergency response

  2CP0210 System Includes:
          2 QuadPods, 2 Light Heads, 2 Batteries
          Single Battery Charger
         Wheeled Self-Contained System Case
         Total System & Carrying Case 68lb
         9-100 Hours of Run Time; AC Powered Option
         Extended Battery Kit Available
         Digital Fuel Gauge Displays Run Time
         Adjustable 8ft QuadPod Stand
         Wireless System Control
         Simultaneous Charge/Run Option


-  Super-Bright White Solid-State LED Portable Lighting System

-  Outdoor Tested, Militarized, All-Terrain and Rain Ready / Setup in 2 Minutes

-  Each Light head delivers 205 foot-candles at 15ft target, 10X typical office lighting

-  Directed White Illumination on Target Area over 1000 feet

-  Power Consumption Control/ Beam Range Control, 6° to 120°

-  Ball Head Mount for 360° Pan 150° Tilt

Available via GSA Contract GS-07F-9409S /  P/N- 2CP0210

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Airport Light Tower Maintenance

WhiteEye Portable Lighting System


Towers Are 100' Apart

150' Light Width

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Towers Are 100' Apart

Text Readable at third tower - 350 ft

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