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- Low Heat Levels / Low power draw / High Lumen Output
- Multi-Color: White / Red  with Dimming Options: Low / Medium / High
- Meets Military Specifications:
     MIL-STD-810–Extreme Thermal Ranges & Cargo Vibration Compliant
     MIL-STD-461–EMI Compliant
     MIL-STD-1472F–Illumination Compliant
- AC Power Range: 90VAC to 305VAC
- Systems: 6 bars per system / Weight: 60Lb
- Light Coverage: 1200 sq ft per System / Foot Candles: 47fc at 7 feet
- Lifespan: 50,000 Hours of Usage

NightEye Shelter Lighting System (NSLS)

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The NightEye Shelter Lighting System (NSLS) delivers the most energy efficient lighting available for semi-permanent shelters. The NSLS is designed to provide ideal light dispersion and illumination for Military Shelters, Command Centers, Emergency Shelters, Temporary Hospitals, and Humanitarian Support Shelters.

With white lighting and ‘black-out’ red lighting options, the NSLS is controlled with low / medium / high dimming and can be powered with an optional portable battery power solution if generator power is unavailable or mission-critical battery backup is required.

The NSLS also includes Variable Mount Height Technology (VMHT) that allows the user to change the mount height without sacrificing foot candles in target light zone