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Designed for both brightness and color accuracy, Cyberlux Advanced Spectrum Lighting System (ASLS) is used in laboratory facilities, command centers, field surgery centers and mobile shelters where high performance lighting is demanded.

Made in the USA.

Advanced Spectrum Lighting System


  • High lighting quality for accurate color and material rendering in scientific environments
  • Bright lighting output with three levels of brightness
  • Low power consumption and heat


  • Color Rendering Index (CRI):  94                                    -  Brightness:  2250 foot-candles at 18” at highest power
  • Color:  2850K                                                                -  Light Settings:  High / Medium / Low / Off options
  • Mounting:  Surface mount / see mounting options         -  Electrical:  18W (high), 9W (medium), 4W (low) @ 120V
  • Power cord:  12”- 48” long / nominal 18” lengths           -  Science Light Dimensions:  20.5” long x 3.25” wide x 1.30” high
  • Weight:  36 ounces


  • Standard:  Screws for 3/4” thick wood sub-surfaces
  • Optional:  Integral magnetic (permanent, rare earth) for quick mounting or adjustable positioning on metal
  • Optional:  High strength double-sided industrial adhesive strips


  • Cyberlux Corporation is a leading manufacturer of specialized lighting applications so

         customization options are widely available, including fixture length, lighting color, brightness,

         lensing, controls, power environmental conditions, chassis design and fixture color.

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