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Founded in 2000, Cyberlux Corporation (CYBL) is a trusted provider of advance lighting solutions to Commercial, Government and Military organizations. 

As a Department of Defense (DoD) supplier, we provide light-weight, portable battery-powered advanced LED lighting systems for special operators, forward-base operations, security and equipment maintenance.  Since 2006, Cyberlux has produced leading-edge, battle-tested, portable LED lighting systems for the U.S. Air Force, National Guard, Special Operations Command (SOCOM), the U.S. Army and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

The BrightEye and WhiteEye, patented products, are advanced light-weight, portable, battery powered LED lighting systems for special operation actions, tactical deployments, remote operations and maintenance, emergency and disaster recovery programs. BrightEye and WhiteEye solutions are powered with milspec rechargeable power systems, with AC and solar powered options. BrightEye solutions deliver both White and Night Vision (NVG) Security Lighting.

The NightEye Shelter Lighting System (NSLS) delivers energy efficient lighting available for semi-permanent shelters. The NSLS is designed to provide ideal light dispersion and illumination for shelter structures with White lighting and ‘Black-Out’ red lighting. In addition, the Laboratory Lighting System provides industry-leading lighting capability for laboratory and office environments.

Through our Cyberlux Services capabilities, we provide our customers with custom application engineering and support, including rapid prototyping, mechanical and software solution design, power and thermal management, cost-effective low-volume manufacturing and scalable high-volume production.

For more than 10 years, Cyberlux  has operated under its General Services Administration (GSA) Contract Award GS-07F-9409.  During this time, the Company has produced leading-edge, battle-tested, portable LED lighting systems for Commercial, Government and Military customers.

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