• “NO FAILURE” rule is applied
• Manufactured in America using domestic-source components
• Ruggedized - MIL-810G Standards applied to construction
• Intuitive setup & operation
• Field serviceable components

• Open architecture allows flexibility of deployment & operations as technology advances
• “Plug & Play”, polarized connections
• Reduces dependency on any ONE technology
• Allows selection of SPECIFIC capabilities for an application
• No “Planned Obsolescence” in system design. Allows adoption of advanced technologies into the system architecture as they mature.
• Improves effectiveness of older technologies (such as older fuel-driven generators)
• Maximum configuration options based on application, available resources, & logistics

• System can be scaled up or down as conditions change
• Scaling provides BALANCE between capabilities
• Allows specific capabilities to be maximized
• Solar Panels for autonomy  ”independence from grid”
• Energy Storage for “silent operations”

• Lightweight, modular, human-portable components
• Engineered & design-optimized for mobility
• D.O.T. approved for Land, Sea & Air transport
• Power Spectrum up to 10kW.

• Battery is the “Common Thread”
• Foundation of high-efficiency electrical circuit
• All components operate in support of a battery
• Renewable technologies are prioritized over traditional resources
• Provides “Self-Sufficiency” for the operator

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Solar Power Charging System

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