Assembled Light System only 22 lb!

Deep Cover Infrared LEDS

2001 -

Complete Dual Head System fits into rugged wheeled case for instant deployment

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•  Enhances IR Imaging •  Covert Task Lighting •  Covert Spot Lighting •  Near Zero Heat Profile •  850 nm Wavelength



BrightEye and WhiteEye, patented products, are advanced light-weight, portable, battery powered LED lighting systems for special operation actions, tactical deployments, remote operations and maintenance, emergency and disaster recovery programs. BrightEye and WhiteEye solutions are powered with milspec Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, AC and solar powered options. BrightEye solutions deliver both White and Night Vision (NVG) Security Lighting.

Infrared & White Portable LED Lighting System

- High Lumen Dual White / Infrared Beams
- Two-Minute Setup
- 8’ QuadPod Stand
- 1000ft Directed & Broad Area lighting
- 20+ Hours on High 215+ Hours on Low

- Fuel Gage Displays Remaining Runtime
- Battery Powered
- Wireless Control
- Militarized, All- Terrain and Rain Ready
- Total System Weight 75lb

GSA Contract GS-07F-9409S
P/N- 2CP0170  / NSN- 6230015635725

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