4M Tower at Fort Huachuca Lighting up C130

4M Tower at Fort Huachuca Lighting up C130

System Overview

  • Super-Bright White / Covert Solid-State Lighting System
  • Directed White Illumination of Target Area up to 1000 feet
  • Covert IR Illumination up to 1000 feet in IR Spotlight Illumination
  • 10-hour battery-powered System operation
  • 10-hour System battery recharge capability
  • User-Defined Illumination Energy within Target Field
  • Highly Portable, Fixed-position Mounting
  • System Configuration:

             2 Light Heads

             4-meter / 13.1ft. Mask with guyed wire stability

             4 Self-Contained System Cases

  • Operates on Cyberlux Li-Ion Power Supply System
  • Wireless System Control and Operation / Optional Wireless Camera
  • Available via GSA Contract GS-07F-9409S :P/N 2CP0190

BrightEye 4M Tower Illumination System

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