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BEST Brighteye Solar-powered Trailer-mounted Lighting System

Solar-powered Trailer-mounted Visible and Covert Lighting System

  • One Standard Trailer with Mast for Two Lightheads (9ft Height)
  • Two Solar Power PV arrays (Semicrystalline Silicon Cells)
    • Solar Panels delivery 400W Performance at 30V Peak Power
    • Tempered Glass for Vandal Protection /  Adjustable Tilt Angle
    • 25 Year Solar Panel Warranty
  • Solar Storage Battery Power
    • Four 8G8D Gel Batteries, 530aH / 24V
    • Rated for 1300 Recharge Cycles
    • Designed for 3 Consecutive Days with No Solar Input
    • Weather-proof Sealed Battery Enclosure
  • Lighting Capability
    • Super-Bright White and Covert Solid-State Tactical LightHeads
    • Directed White or IR Illumination at Target Area over 1000 feet
    • User-Defined Illumination Energy within Target Area
  • Lighting System Rated for 10 Hour Overnight Operation
  • Power Conditioning and Control System /  Wireless Remote Control System
  • 5 Year System Warranty