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Ever warned a child to "don't touch the light bulb, it'll burn you!" ... or waited impatiently for the burned-out bulb to "cool down" so you could unscrew the old and replace with the new.

Cyberlux encourages customers to "touch the lighting element and discover heatless light". That's right, "heatless light", the foundation of our new Aeon task and accent lighting series that features warm shades of white light that's cool to the touch, a major breakthrough in comfortable lighting for kitchen counters, cabinets or closets.

"The kitchen is the heart of the home and as such should not be subjected to the irritating moan of a harsh-blue/white fluorescent tube or dangerously hot halogen bulbs which are prohibited as fire hazards by the State of California", says Mike Bailey, Cyberlux Engineer. "Our Aeon counter lights are Guaranteed for 15 years which suggests that fluorescent and halogen elements in the kitchen are obsolete by comparison," continued Mr. Bailey.

The Aeon product series is just one example of how Cyberlux is Harnessing the Future of Light. The vision expressed by the Company in solving lighting problems has attracted talented engineers and designers who are excitedly focused on implementing the extraordinary advances in solid state lighting technology some of which extend to security solutions for the US Military.

Cyberlux is engaged in the production of sophisticated covert (IR) lighting systems that enable security personnel to view long-range expanses with night vision goggles (NVGs) which clearly identify potential threats long before incursion is imminent.

The covert lighting systems designed for the US Military required new thinking around how very bright light is disbursed and controlled for energy efficiency.

This new thinking has defined how to solve energy efficient and maintenance-free solutions for residential street lights and commercial parking lot lighting. Further, the extraordinary energy efficiency of solid state lighting has been used in the new RelyOn, a professional portable lighting system, that provides up to 60 hours of light from one battery charge and then may be renewed to full charge by connecting its charge cords to either AC building power or DC vehicle power.

This is the world of Cyberlux.