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2001 -

Advanced Technology

     Company Summary

  • Significant Needs for Advanced Lighting Technology:

            - Broad DoD Deployment in Special Operations & Readiness Programs

            - Facility Operations, Maintenance and Construction Management

            - Specialty Aviation and Counter-Drug Operations

            - Contingency and Logistics Operations

            - Significant Growth Opportunity


  • Technology & Systems in Deployment:

            - U.S. Air Force

            - National Guard

            - U.S. Army
            - Defense Logistics Agency / SOCOM / FORSCOM
            - FAA           

  • LED Technology offers Significant Advantages over Currently Deployed Lighting Technology:

            - Increased Performance & Durability
            - Greater Energy-efficiency
            - Battery Operation and Solar Power

Cyberlux Corporation (CYBL), founded in 2000, is an Advanced Lighting Technology company providing unique solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD), Commercial channels and Design Services customers

Since 2006, Cyberlux has provided leading-edge, battle-tested lighting solutions to the U.S. Air Force, National Guard, Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and the U.S. Army.  As the Company's primary channel, Cyberlux supplies the DoD with light-weight, portable battery-powered advanced LED lighting systems for special operators, forward-base operations, security and maintenance lighting.

After early consumer product trials, the Company has focused on DoD lighting technology and serving the Military, First Responder and related Commercial markets, primarily with the BrightEye Tactical Lighting System products.

Our Mission is to be the trusted provider of advanced lighting solutions to Commercial, Government and Military organizations worldwide.